Friday, April 22, 2016

La agenda de jueves y viernes, el 21 y 22 de abril

¡Hola hola, clase!  You can do it!  ¡Sí se puede!  ¡Aquí está la presentación de hoy!

  • Calentamiento
    • ¡Saquen ustedes sus CUADERNOS, vocabulario, y SAMs!
    • Notebook and NEW VOCAB SHEETS out! SAM out!
    • Go to the warm-up page, and write the title “Calentamiento.” Use the vocab to write down the ?s and answers: 
    • ¿Cómo eres tú? → What are you like?
      • Yo soy simpática. → I am nice.
    • Yo soy inteligente. → I am smart.
      • Yo soy graciosa. → I am funny.
    • ¿Cómo no eres tú? → What are you NOT like?
      • Yo NO soy seria. → I am NOT serious.
  • Notes on Adjectives:
    • Adjectives with “o” endings:
    • (keep it as an “o” when you’re talking about a male)
    • change to “a” when you’re talking about a female
    • add an “s” when you’re talking about more than 1 person
    • Adjectives with “e” OR “a”
    • DON’T CHANGE when you’re talking about a female
    • add an “s” when you’re talking about more than 1 person
    • Remember: ALL ADJECTIVES ADD “s” when you’re talking about MORE THAN ONE person.
  • Feria de Abril
    • April 12–17:  Feria de Abril (April Fair), Sevilla
    • April 23:  St. George's Day (special flower markets, Barcelona); Aragón/Castile and León Day (Aragón and Castile and León)
    • April 30–May 7:  Feria del Caballo (horse pageantry), Jerez
  • Feria de Abril
    • Officially, the Fair takes place at the end of April and starts at midnight on the Monday two weeks after Semana Santa with a spectacular firework display over the Guadadalquivir River and the ‘Alumbrao’ (turning on of the lights)!   There are tent structures are known as ‘casetas’ that started growing in numbers year after year until the 1920s when the Feria de Abril had grown into the city’s biggest annual fiesta. It’s located in the Parque de María Luisa in Barrio de los Remedios. This fairground is known as ‘Real de la Feria’, it is an enormous site that becomes a city in its own right for a week; last year had around 1,050 temporary ‘casetas’!!
    • Located right next to the ‘Real de la Feria’ in Calle del Infierno a huge fairground is set up with lots of the typical rides and attractions together with a circus show.
    • In Spanish, the first Monday night is known as ‘La Noche del Pescaíto’ -- ‘Little Fish Night’, since this is traditionally an evening where fish is eaten for dinner. After dinner people, head for the ‘Portada’ which is the beautiful structure at the entrance to the Feria where thousands of lights are switched on by the Mayor of Seville at midnight.
    • Tueday is the first official day of the festival when there are horseback parades through the fairground with the women wearing beautiful flamenco dresses and the men in their traditional suits known as ‘el traje corto’. The ladies wear colorful flamenco dresses which are known as ‘trajes de gitano’ or ‘gypsy suits’, and there’s lots of dancing and even a horseback parade: the “Paseo de Caballos”.
    • If you get done early, 
      • Please take out the number of iPad assigned to you, go to “Safari”, and go to the link:
    • There are lots of games here to practice the vocab!!  
      • And it’s available from home, too!
    • Please go to SAFARI.
      • Click on “”.
    • Wait for the GAME PIN to show up on this screen!
LA TAREA (written in your SAM) --   Make sure you did all 15 sentences!!


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