Friday, April 22, 2016

La agenda de viernes, el 15 de abril

¡Hola hola, clase!  Let's practice some more!  ¡Aquí está la presentación de hoy!

  • Calentamiento
    • ¡Saquen ustedes sus las carpetas, un lápiz, y los SAMs!
      • Please take out your notebooks, pencils, & SAMS!
    • On your CALENTAMIENTO page,write the title “Calentamiento”, write the words in English, then write the TRANSLATION!
      • HOW DO YOU SAY:
        • “Me, too” → I like it, too!
        • “Me, neither” → I don’t like it, either!
  • ¡Tiempo con los iPads!
    • Get the correct iPad from the cart
      • (Take the right # for your name!)
      • Write down if there’s anything wrong with the iPad before you sit down with it!!
      • Notice where it gets plugged in; you’ll need to put it back right where you got it!
      • If you'd like, you can use some time to complete page one of the study guide!
    • Check your grades!
      • OKAY.  Some of you haven’t turned stuff in, and it’s bringing your grade WAY DOWN!
        • I want to give you credit for the work you have done, so please check over what you need to do and get it done!
      • Click on SAFARI
      • Go to the SANFORD SITE:
        • Click on Student Resources, then
        • Student Portal, and 
        • Use the same login you use on school computers!
          • Once you're in, click Assignments in the purple menu on the left, then
          • Click Show Details in the upper right-hand corner!
    • Games and self-check!
      • Make a new link in “Safari”, and go to the link:
      • Also, you can use the LINKS on the BLOG (here!!) to play practice games and do a self-quiz!

      • There are lots of games here to practice the vocab!! And it’s available from home, too!
    • Please go to!
    • Type in the GAME PIN to be able to participate!

LA TAREA (written in your SAM) --   Please FILL OUT page ONE of the study guide!


ONLINE REVIEW from the Book
Click the link HERE! - you can re-load and try again!

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