Tuesday, April 5, 2016

La agenda de martes, el 5 de abril

¡Hola hola, clase!  You can do it!  ¡Sí se puede!  ¡Aquí está la presentación de hoy!

  • Calentamiento
    • ¡Saquen ustedes sus CUADERNOS, PROOF YOU STUDIED, y SAMs!
      • Notebook out! SAM out!  
    • Go to the warm-up page, and write the title  “Calentamiento.”
    • Write down and answer: 
      • ¿Qué te gusta hacer?
      • ¿Qué no te gusta hacer?
    • If you weren't here:
      • ¿Qué te gusta hacer? 
      • What “do you like” to do?
        • Me gusta escuchar música y ver la tele.
      • ¿Qué NO     te gusta hacer?
      • What don’t  “you like” to do?
        • NO me gusta leer artículos políticos.
    • ¡APUNTES! - Notes on "gustar"
      • Me gusta ≠ I like it! → The book LIED! (‘cause it’s easy to learn/remember that way)
        • GUSTAR → to be pleasing to
          • Me → to me 
          • Te → to you
      • gusta → 1 thing → it is pleasing
      • gustan → 2+ things → they are pleasing
      • An infinitive verb = a verb that ends in AR, ER, or IR, which means “to _do something_”
        • Infinitive means there isn’t a subject OR a tense yet; there are infinite ways you could conjugate (or CHANGE) this verb! 
        • Example: to play → I play, he played, we will play, they would play, y’all would have played, etc!
        • So, there are three kinds of verbs, and we categorize them by their -ar, -er, or -ir endings!
      • What are the 3 kinds of verbs, again?
        • AR, ER, IR
    • Let's act out the verbs
      • One of the best ways to learn new verbs is to DO them!!
        • Please stand up, put down everything in your hands, push in your chair, and make sure nothing on your desk is easily knocked over!
        • Let’s ACT OUT THE VERBS!!
    • Do you have the tools you need?
      • If not, please PRACTICE, and get caught up so we can start learning the new vocabulary and doing the next unit!
      • As of THIS EVENING, they are up to date!!  Be sure to turn in any missing assignments!! 
        • Thanks for your patience - I wanted to be sure you would be able to COME IN AND TALK TO ME if you had any missing assignments!!

    LA TAREA (written in your SAM) -- Complete your CATCH-UP CHECKLIST
    And create PHYSICAL proof you studied:
    • flashcards
    • signed note from adult saying you studied
      • OR
    • picture illustrating words


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