Wednesday, June 1, 2016

¡La agenda del RESTO DEL AÑO!

¡Hola hola, clase!  Here is our presentation that we used in class today!  (¡Usamos esta presentación hoy!)

  • Calentamiento
    • ¡Saquen ustedes sus cuadernos, un lápiz y sus SAMs!  ¡También las hojas de Personas Importantes!  
    • Please take out your sheets!
      • QUICK CHECK! Have you…
      • turned in Parts A & B?
      • finished and turned in Part C?
    • We'll be working with iPads today!!
    • Work time priorities
      • Get done writing my sentences for Parts A, B, and C
      • Make a Copy of the El Libro ( Slides file and shared it with Ms. Williams
      • I typed in the information about each of my 4 people, as well as myself, on the appropriate slide.
    • Be sure to:
      • 1. Go to GOOGLE CHROME - if you need to, go to the magnifying glass and search for “Chrome” to open it!
      • Then, please get to work!!
        • Open up your Google Drive
        • Then, OPEN UP YOUR COPY: "El Libro De _YOUR NAME_"!!  
          • You can also use "Slides" to open up your copy of the book!
      • You can also use these to help!
        • Follow the instructions!!
          • You can use one of her suggestions for a title, or use your own.
          • On the BACK COVER, design your own cover -- or use some of the "Praise for" your book that Ms. Williams provided!
          • For each slide, TYPE UP the sentences about EACH PERSON!   So, take the PERSONA #1/#2/#3/#4 sentences from Parts A, B, and C (and D, if you did it) and TYPE THEM INTO THE SAME PART!
      • Then, when you're ready, you can insert/draw pictures.
        • If you want to use, for your pictures, you can just use the ‘Snipping Tool’ (Command + Shift + 4) to choose what you want, and copy and paste it into your Google Slides!
      • CHECKLIST that we got Tuesday:
        • Important People Project - Final Checklist Did I check to be sure I have correct… 80 points - 20 each Spelling? Adjectives endings (so they match what they're talking about)? Verbs (tener, ser, gustar, llevar)? Verb endings (soy vs. es; tengo vs. tiene, me/le gusta, llevo vs. lleva)? Did I check my writing conventions? 20 points - ~7 each Punctuation -- Do I have a period at the end of every sentence? Capitalization -- Are names and the first word of every sentence capitalized? Accents/tildes -- Did I include accents and ñs where they are needed? Did I use my time well? Was I prepared for class/this project? 40 points - 10 each Yes! I Completed Parts A, B, & C. Yes! I brought my papers to class -- didn’t leave at home or in locker. Yes! I typed up all parts. Yes! I was able to work without reminders/redirection from Ms. Williams. Did I complete my book? 40 points - 10 each Yes, I included 3 sentences/ideas from parts A, B and C (and D, if I did it!). Yes, I talked about 5 people -- yourself and 4 other people. Yes, my book contains pictures or illustrations of all 5 people. Yes, I followed the directions, so my book will print out correctly! Overall: Did I show I mastered these concepts? 20 points Yes, I know what the vocab words I used mean! I clearly show that I know the Spanish words I used/mastery of new Spanish words. Yes, I did my own work! I didn’t use Google Translate or any other translator. I can explain any words used that weren’t from the vocabulary! I asked for help from a friend or looked something up, but I know what the words mean. TOTAL: /200 points REMINDER: Using a translator or someone else to do your book is plagiarism -- not doing your own work. NOT DOING YOUR OWN WORK IS GROUNDS FOR A ZERO ON THE PROJECT!
      • For more help, here are some GAMES!

      LA TAREA (written in your SAM) -- 
      Finish up typing up Parts A, B, and C, as well as putting in pictures of your loved ones  (OR  DRAW pictures of yourself and your important people)!!


      Ms. Williams will print out what you have shared with her after school Thursday and Friday, but if you make changes, please PRINT IT YOURSELF!!


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