Thursday, May 26, 2016

La agenda de jueves y viernes, el 26 y 27 de mayo

¡Hola hola, clase!  Here is our presentation that we used in class today!  (¡Usamos esta presentación hoy!)

  • Calentamiento
    • ¡Saquen ustedes sus cuadernos, un lápiz y sus SAMs!  ¡También las hojas de Personas Importantes!  
    • Please take out your sheets!
      • Check out the comments Ms. Williams made on any sheets you get back.
    • QUICK CHECK! Have you…
      • turned in Parts A & B?
      • finished and turned in Part C?
  • 1st floor COMPUTER LAB!
    • We’re going to the 3rd floor computer lab!
    • If you ARE DONE with parts A, B, and C, please SIT AT A COMPUTER and follow these directions when you get to the computer lab!
      • IF YOU ARE NOT DONE with parts A, B, and C, you will need to finish up!  Please sit at a desk area.
        • Ms. Williams will come around to help you out with any questions you have.
  • Be sure to:
    • 1. Go to GOOGLE CHROME - if you need to, go to the magnifying glass and search for “Chrome” to open it! 2. Then, please go to the address bar, and type in “”. 3. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SIGNED IN! Then, click “File” and “Make a Copy”!
    • 4. Then, delete “Copy of” and replace the _____line with YOUR Spanish name, instead! 5. Last, go to “Share” in the top right hand corner and share with Ms. Williams →
    • Follow the instructions!!
      • You can use one of her suggestions for a title, or use your own.
      • On the BACK COVER, design your own cover -- or use some of the "Praise for" your book that Ms. Williams provided!
      • For each slide, TYPE UP the sentences about EACH PERSON!   So, take the PERSONA #1/#2/#3/#4 sentences from Parts A, B, and C (and D, if you did it) and TYPE THEM INTO THE SAME PART!
    • Then, when you're ready, you can insert/draw pictures.
      • If you want to use, for your pictures, you can just use the ‘Snipping Tool’ (Command + Shift + 4) to choose what you want, and copy and paste it into your Google Slides!
  • For more help, here are some GAMES!

LA TAREA (written in your SAM) -- COMPLETE THE PARTS A & B →  PERSONALITY and Physical descriptions!  COMPLETE PART C→  What people like to do!!  If you’re done, please do PART D!

 Please GET PICTURES of your 4 people! -- e-mail them to Ms. Williams, or print them out!   (You may also DRAW them.)


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