Thursday, March 3, 2016

La agenda de viernes, el 26 de febrero, 2016

¡Hola hola, clase! Here's the presentation we used today!!

Here's the agenda for today:
  • Calentamiento
    • ¡Saquen ustedes LOS SAMs, CUADERNOS y VOCAB!
      • Please take out your SAMs, NOTEBOOKS, & vocab!
    • Please go to your “Calentamiento” page!
    • Write today’s date:  el 19 de febrero
    • Then, using your vocab sheets from yesterday to help you, please write down and answer the following questions:
      • ¿Cómo te llamas?  → WRITE YOUR SPANISH NAME! 
      • ¿Cómo estás?  
  • Perfect Spanish Class brainstorms!
    • Then, take your the Perfect Spanish Class sheet from the front and please answer all of the questions.
    • Don’t forget to write your name, the date, and your class period!!
  • Choosing roles
    • In your group, please choose a:
    •  SCRIBE (one person will write down the big ideas/main points that the group makes)
    • FACILITATOR (one person to lead the discussion and keep everyone involved)
    • REPORTER (one person to report out the scribe’s written information), and 
    • TIME KEEPER (one person to keep track of time and keep everyone on task!)
  • Discussion time
    • At your table, please discuss:
      • What would the perfect Spanish class LOOK like, in your group’s opinion?  In the perfect Spanish class, what would everyone - students, teacher - be doing? 
      • What actions do you think we need to take, or rules do we need to follow, to get as close as we can to this being the perfect Spanish class? 
    • You have 8 minutes to draw up the PERFECT set of rules for your PERFECT Spanish classroom.
  • Creating class rules together
    • Now, let’s create the rules and expectations!
    • REPORTERS, please report out!!   What do you think the rules should be in here to make this the PERFECT Spanish classroom?
      • What are you willing to do?
      • What aren’t you willing to do?

La tarea, or the HOMEWORK: Make sure you are studying the WORDS over the weekend!!

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